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AUSTRALIA ­ Backpackers Guide

The essential Backpackers Guide to work and travel in Australia with a Working Holiday Visa (WHV). This FREE eBook will definitely help you to prepare your trip, save money and find a job in Australia (with over 500 farm contacts around Australia included). The Guide will assist you upon your arrival with all the admin tasks to do (bank account, phone, TFN etc..), on how and where to find a job (city & farm jobs) and give you a lot of practical information (accommodation, road trip, life in a van ...). Also discover their State by State complete Travel Guide included in the Ebook, so you will know where to go and what to do in Australia!

You will also find all the information and tips from former backpackers who traveled all around Australia. On their website they also share backpackers experiences, tips, discounts on bank transfers, tax return, Travel insurance and cheap campervan rentals. Definitely worth checking it out!